Inbound Sales At Hubspot Carnival

Jun 12, 2024


Hey there, sales aficionados! Ready to turn the sales world upside down with HubSpot? Let’s jump into the vibrant carnival of inbound sales, where every day is a parade of opportunities. We’ll explore the festive tactics of CGP, TCI, and BA to make your sales journey as exciting as a treasure hunt!

The CGP Treasure Map: X Marks the Spot!

Imagine you’re a pirate sailing the seven seas of sales. Your compass? The CGP approach. Here’s how to navigate:

  • Challenge: Spot the stormy waters your customers face. Are they sinking in inefficiency? Is a competitor’s siren song luring them away? Identify the challenge and you’ve found where X marks the spot.
  • Goal: Set your course for treasure. What’s the chest of gold your customer seeks? Increased revenue? Smoother processes? Define their goal to chart a path to success.
  • Plan: Draw the map to the treasure. How will you help them conquer the high seas? Outline a plan with HubSpot’s tools, and you’re ready to set sail!

The TCI Fiesta: Dance to the Rhythm of Success!

Now, let’s salsa with TCI:

  • Timeline: Timing is everything in the dance of sales. When does your customer need to see results? Is there a festival they’re preparing for? Establish a timeline to keep in sync with their needs.
  • Consequences: Miss a step, and you might stumble. What happens if your customer doesn’t act? Will they fall behind the competition? Paint a picture of the consequences to keep the dance going.
  • Implications: Every move has an impact. How will your solution change their dance for the better? Show them the positive implications of partnering with you, and they’ll be dancing to your tune in no time.

The BA Carnival Ride: Buckle Up for Success!

Welcome to the most thrilling ride at the sales carnival – the BA rollercoaster:

  • Budget: Every carnival-goer has a budget for how much fun they can take. What’s your customer’s budget for solutions? Understanding this gives you the ticket to ride.
  • Authority: Who’s the ringmaster? Who can say yes to the ride? Identify the decision-makers to ensure you’re pitching to the person who can give the green light.

HubSpot Academy: Your Park Map

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry! HubSpot Academy is like the ultimate park map, offering a treasure trove of resources to help you master inbound sales. From identifying prospects to creating effective sales presentations, HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Sales Certification course is your map to success.

So, salespeople of all ages, are you ready to join the party? With CGP, TCI, and BA tactics in your sales toolkit and HubSpot Academy as your guide, you’re set to become the life of the sales party. Let’s make selling as fun as hitting the piñata and reaping the rewards! Happy selling, and may your sales fiesta be the talk of the town!


Justin Tadros is a Project Manager and Data Analyst at The Training Boss. Justin has a bachelor degree in Theater performance from Rollins College and currently pursuing his Masters in business at the University of Center Florida.  Justin is certified on Microsoft Power BI and Progress Sitefinity Sales accreditation with on going training on Python and CMS technologies.  Justin performs in theaters in Orlando, Boston, Alaska and stand up comic whenever the opportunity arises.  His passion for performing and bringing incredible customer service to any industry he approaches is second to his commitment, dedication and hard work.


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