Being Creative With Turtles

Unleash Your Creativity with Python's Turtle Module! Dive into programming with an interactive twist! The Turtle module in Python makes learning to code fun and engaging, allowing you to draw and design while mastering the basics. Start your coding adventure today and bring your ideas to life on the screen!

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Leaving Pastafarianism

Tired of using Procedural Programing? Is it difficult to read your code? Want to make your code more efficient and easier to use? Unlock the power of your code with our Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) blog!

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Going Up Against Python

On Friday March 1st, 2024 I started my journey to learn Python with Dr. Angela Yu. Within the first five days I learned the print command, input command, if/else statements and much more. If you're new to Python and want to learn a new language, come and see the knowledge Dr. Yu offers her students over just a few days.

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