Azure VMs 101

May 13, 2024


Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) are one of the most popular services offered by Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure. They provide the ability to deploy and manage virtual servers in the cloud, offering a scalable and flexible computing environment. For those studying for the AZ-900 exam, understanding Azure VMs is crucial as it forms the foundation of cloud services.

What is an Azure Virtual Machine?

An Azure VM is an on-demand, scalable computing resource that allows you to run applications and services in the cloud without having to invest in physical hardware. Essentially, it’s a server in the cloud that you can control and manage or a digital computer you can rent to avoid worrying about the expenses of owning and housing the necessary physical components of the computer and its servers.

Why Use Azure VMs?

The primary advantage of using Azure VMs is the flexibility they offer. You can select the size, power, and features you need, and only pay for what you use. This makes it an economical choice for businesses and individuals alike, who doesn’t like more bang for your buck? Additionally, Azure VMs can be quickly scaled up or down based on demand, ensuring that you have the resources you need when you need them, without this ability you risk your VM crashing due to higher traffic.

Creating Your First Azure VM Creating a VM in Azure is a straightforward process:

  • Sign Up: First, you’ll need an Azure account. You can sign up for a free account which also gives you access to free credits. Click here to learn more about a $200 credit Azure is providing to new users.
  • Resource Group: Create a resource group, which is a container that holds related resources for an Azure solution.
  • VM Creation: In the Azure portal, you can create a new VM by selecting the desired operating system, size, and settings.
  • Remote Access: Once your VM is set up, you can connect to it remotely using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Secure Shell (SSH), depending on the operating system.

Security and Compliance Security in Azure is a top priority. Azure VMs come with built-in security features, and you can also implement additional measures such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Moreover, Azure complies with a wide range of industry standards, ensuring that your data is protected.

Cost Management One of the benefits of Azure VMs is the ability to control costs. You can choose from various pricing options, including pay-as-you-go and reserved instances. Azure also provides tools to monitor and optimize your spending. My favorite part is how Microsoft puts their customers first. If you know that you’ll be running your VM 24/7, it’s cheaper to pay for the month than it is to pay by hour. Effectively, it is a built-in coupon for everyone looking to use their services designed to help the consumer in the long run.

For AZ-900 exam candidates, understanding Azure VMs is essential. They represent a core component of cloud computing, offering a combination of flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. By mastering Azure VMs, you’ll be well on your way to becoming proficient in Azure and ready to tackle the challenges of the cloud world. You can find an imersive and comprehensive course on the Microsoft Azure - Beginner's Guide + AZ-900 taught by Alan Rodrigues here.

Remember, hands-on experience is invaluable. So, don’t hesitate to create your own VM and explore the possibilities that Azure offers. Good luck with yourAZ-900 exam preparation!


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