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Apr 25, 2024


Sitefinity Insight is an extremely powerful product that allows companies to measure their performance in the form of conversions, touchpoints, and lead scoring. Insight also allows businesses to manage an entire database of contacts and visitors information in a secure and easy to understand format. This provides the perfect conditions for maximum information comprehension and for efficient goal orientation. 

* Terms you need to know *


Personas are groups you can use to make reaching your customers a more efficient and effective process. There are a number of ways to group your visitors together, each tactic is useful in its own way but it is important to find the style that best serves your company. If your business sells different products that are tier specific to another company’s workflow then it is important to keep development, management and upper management in different pools, or “personas”. However, if your business is more product specific, management tiers don’t mean as much as the product a company is interested in so your personas would be product specific and would be defined by “product A” consumer, “product B” consumer, and “product C” consumer.


Touchpoints are simply anything on the website/web application that can be interacted with in any way. They are a way for a business to interact with their visitors that include all forms of communication that are primarily designed to influence perceptions, decisions, and outcome. A touchpoint could be as simple as a visit to a web page or a download of a whitepaper or viewing a video on a page or as intricate as a personalized add for specific viewers.


A journey is the string of touchpoints the site visitor interacts with. Journeys can be small or lengthy, but all journeys provide data to Insight. The data that Insight collects can influence and further refine the visitor’s persona which will improve leads and ultimately increase conversion rate.


Obvious conversions would be the purchase of a product or a subscription, but a conversion can also be the moment when a visitor becomes a contact. Conversions at their core are when a user or client completes a desired outcome. 

Lead Scoring:

Lead Scoring is a ranking system to assist with spotting customers with a high probability of conversions. It uses a visitor’s journey and applies a point system to the touchpoints the visitor interacts with. Each touchpoint gets associated with a lead based on the conversion related to that touchpoint. Touchpoints like a blog could be worth ten points while a touchpoint like downloading a pdf could be worth fifty. To finalize the process, you can tell Insight that once a user generates a minimum of, for example, a hundred points to put them in a pool of interested leads. To further this idea, you can set up a smaller pool for qualified leads composed of specific users who have earned, for example, two hundred or more points. This is an indication of their interest and a sign that the user would make a good candidate for your attention. Once you have identified a qualified lead it is beneficial to take further action and follow up with that user to help provoke a conversion.

* How to get the most out of Insight *

CMS -> CRM -> Insight

For the best use of Sitefinity Insight, you would want to connect your CMS, like Progress Sitefinity, to a CRM, and then connect your CMS to Sitefinity Insight by using the Access Key. If you are using Sitefinity as the CMS, the Access Key ensures security by the fact that once Sitefinity generates an Access Key it will never generate the same key twice. This provides a secure and reliable connection free of data leaks and breaches.

Insight stored form info VS CRM:

One of the features a platform like Insight has is that it can store and present data received from forms submitted within the CMS like contact information. This allows the system to grow its knowledge of its contacts to better understand and predict their needs. Since Insight is capable of tracking contact information via forms in the CMS, what would we need a CRM for? The truth of the matter is SalesForce, HubSpot, and Eloqua are capable of so much more than just Sitefinity Insight alone. A CRM is not only capable of holding information of the client, but all information regarding the client and their company. The whole point of a CRM is exactly its name, Customer Relationship Management. The purpose of a CRM is to evaluate opportunities and assist with prioritizing leads. It will keep track of when the most recent contact was from a contact and whether it was by phone or email. It will also keep track of how large the company is and any other information that will assist with sizing up the opportunity.

Using journeys as touchpoints:

You can also use a short journey or a small collection of touchpoints as a single touchpoint. If you have three blogs that all talk about the same topic, like Sitefinity in general, you could make each blog worth ten points each and add those touchpoints to increase the visitor’s lead score. The alternative is to use all three blogs as a singular entity. This means that only after all three blogs have been interacted with will their lead score be increased. You can set the score for the bundle of all three blogs with a pot of fifty points to reflect their interest in that product and create the best circumstance for a conversion to happen. 

My favorite graphs:

* Uplift

Uplift creates a visualization that provides what touchpoints lead to which conversions and at what rate. 


* Attribution

Attribution shows what touchpoints lead to any conversion at all.



Personalization is an incredibly powerful ability provided by Sitefinity Insight. It allows a business to efficiently and effectively assist any persona or contact with touchpoints specific to their needs. Let's use an example, if you're selling three options for theme park tickets; basic entry, preferred (comes with free parking), and VIP (that comes with free drink refills all day). Now, wouldn’t it be counterintuitive and inconvenient for the user if our site was advertising free parking with the preferred pass, but they already purchased the preferred pass? What if they were a VIP member and they were still seeing adverts for the preferred pass, wouldn’t that be counter-productive? Personalization can improve the site and its advertisements by applying what we already know about the user to refine the user’s web experience in order to instigate a conversion.

A/B Testing:

A/B Testing has to do with the presentation of touchpoints. You can decide for yourself weather it’s a science or an artform to capture your audience’s attention and influence your users to complete a conversion. Sometimes the best content can be overlooked and the solution to a potential customer’s query passed by because of formatting and presentation, it could be as simple as having the submission button on the top or bottom of the page. Marketing is everything, without the ability to appeal to and grab the focus of your target market your content cannot provide any of the use it was designed for. A/B Testing allows for your team to make adjustments to your site while it is live and test the different versions to see which presentation leads to more conversions and a smoother user experience. The version that better serves your clients is the site that will better benefit your business.

Justin.TadrosJustin Tadros is a Project Manager and Data Analyst at The Training Boss. Justin has a bachelor degree in Theater performance from Rollins College and currently pursuing his Masters in business at the University of Center Florida.  Justin is certified on Microsoft Power BI and Progress Sitefinity Sales accreditation with on going training on Python and CMS technologies.  Justin performs in theaters in Orlando, Boston, Alaska and stand up comic whenever the opportunity arises.  His passion for performing and bringing incredible customer service to any industry he approaches is second to his commitment, dedication and hard work.


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