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Apr 23, 2024


In the world today most people have heard about cookies, but not everyone really knows what they are. A majority of non-technical people know them as delicious treats that a furry, blue friend of ours goes absolutely manic for. The cookies we are talking about today however are computer cookies and understanding them and the basics of web browsing in general is crucial for a safe online experience. One fundamental concept that often causes confusion is what exactly are cookies and more so, why do so many people have such a strong reaction to them? Why are there legal implications in relation to cookies and your privacy? Let’s demystify this topic and explore why privacy permissions matter.

What are Computer Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites save on your device. Some believe a website using cookies is like someone digging through your trash, this is not true. They’re like digital breadcrumbs, allowing websites to remember you and your preferences. For example, cookies can keep you logged in, store items in a shopping cart, or personalize the content you see. It’s how you can browse fridges on Amazon for fifteen minutes and then see adds for fridges on social media later that night, your apps are using your cookies to better your user experience and provide convenience and efficiency.

The Role of Cookies:

Cookies play a vital role in enhancing user experience. Without them, you’d have to log in every time you visit a site, and online shopping would be a hassle. They also help website owners understand user behavior, which can improve website functionality and content. Without cookies, your online experience would be laborious rather than convenient, time consuming rather than efficient. Cookies allow computers to keep up with our ever-increasing desire to move faster, increase efficiency, and deliver results about as fast as we can think. Instead of needing to stop our train of thought while in the middle of solving a problem, creating content, or searching for just the right product, cookies take care of the grunt work and allow us to ignore all those virtual potholes for a smooth, productive user experience.

Types of Cookies:

There are several types of cookies:

  • Session cookies are temporary and disappear after you close your browser.
  • Persistent cookies remain until they expire or you delete them.
  • Third-party cookies are placed by domains other than the one you’re visiting, often for advertising purposes.

Privacy Concerns:

While cookies are helpful, they can also raise privacy concerns. Third-party cookies, in particular, can track your browsing habits across multiple sites, leading to targeted ads that feel invasive. This is where privacy and permissions come into play.

The Importance of Permissions:

To protect your privacy, many regions around the world view your cookies as personal information. Now websites are required to obtain your consent before using cookies. This means you’ll often see a cookie banner asking for your permission to use cookies when you visit a site for the first time. This is why if you allow cookies, you won’t see the cookie banner again unless you delete your cookies. The website is using your cookies to remember you’re allowing cookies.

Giving permission allows sites to provide a tailored experience, but you should be mindful of what you’re consenting to. Here are some tips:

  • Read the privacy policy to understand how a site uses cookies.
  • Adjust cookie settings if the site allows it, choosing which types of cookies you’re comfortable with.
  • Use browser settings to manage cookie behavior, like blocking third-party cookies should you want to.


Cookies are not inherently good or bad; they’re tools that, when used responsibly, can greatly enhance your online experience. By being knowledgeable and managing permissions, you can enjoy the benefits of cookies while maintaining control over your personal information and online privacy.
Remember, you have the power to control your digital footprint. So next time you encounter a cookie consent banner, take a moment to make an informed decision that aligns with your privacy preferences.

Justin.TadrosJustin Tadros is a Project Manager and Data Analyst at The Training Boss. Justin has a bachelor degree in Theater performance from Rollins College and currently pursuing his Masters in business at the University of Center Florida.  Justin is certified on Microsoft Power BI and Progress Sitefinity Sales accreditation with on going training on Python and CMS technologies.  Justin performs in theaters in Orlando, Boston, Alaska and stand up comic whenever the opportunity arises.  His passion for performing and bringing incredible customer service to any industry he approaches is second to his commitment, dedication and hard work.


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