What to expect on the Sitefinity Developer Certification Exam 14

Took the exam and passed 🙂

I decided to take the exam this weekend for the new Sitefinity Developer Certification for version 14 to be able to help others and my students by answering questions on what to expect on the exam and how to prepare for it.

It was a fun, smart, productive and educational exam. I hope all Sitefinity developers that are serious about Sitefinity development and consulting take it.

What to expect?

The exam is made of 100 multiple choice questions and the time limit is 165 minutes (2 Hours and 45 minutes). To pass the exam you need 75% or better. It costs $200 USD to take the exam and you can take it 5 times max in 12 months period until you pass. If you don’t pass you have to wait 2 weeks to take it again each time. Register for the exam here.

Exam Areas:

  • 20% of the exam is on MVC Widgets Controllers and Models
  • 15% of the exam is on General knowledge of how Sitefinity works including permissions, Multisite and Localization
  • 10% of the exam is on Sitefinity .NET Core Renderer, so prepare for that
  • 10% of the exam is on Widget Designers in MVC including AngularJS
  • 10% of the exam is on Web Services ODATA including custom services and filtering.
  • 10% of the exam is on Razor Syntax and .cshtml files including priority of executions
  • 10% of the exam is on Config Files and classes with files vs database configurations
  • 10% of the exam is on Cache, Diagnostics, Profiling and performance.
  • 5% of the exam is on Sitefinity CLI, Sitefinity VSIX and AdminApp


I enjoyed the exam, it was a smart exam and even though it is an open book and you can google the questions during the exam, I believe that will probably help you in few of the questions but with all due honesty, if you are not familiar with Sitefinity 14 and did not spend enough time developing in Sitefinity 14, you will probably not be able to pass the exam. The exam is not hard but it will be an honest assessment of how much you developed with Sitefinity 14 as a general Sitefinity developer. It took me 90 minutes to finish the exam but take your time, it is not a race. 100 Multiple Choice questions is a lot, but necessary and even if you don’t pass the first time, you will learn a lot about Sitefinity and what the exam is all about and what to concentrate on.

If you need help, don’t forget that Progress offers a bi-monthly Sitefinity Developer Training class for 2 full days that actually answers all questions on the exam (Shameful plug as I am the trainer on these classes) 🙂

Wishing the entire Sitefinity family the best and tremendous success


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