Sitefinity Training for Admins & Designers

This class starts with basics on how to create websites using built-in modules, design custom web pages and customize workspace. Manage your website by controlling permissions, workflow, notifications and life cycle, from publication scheduling to expiration and archiving.
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After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Initial website setup
  • Understand the different database choices
  • Tour the Sitefinity user interface
  • Use out-of-the-box content to deliver news, blogs, events, images, documents, video or any generic content
  • Add new custom fields to images, documents, files, etc. in one central location
  • Build custom web pages using drag and drop
  • Adopt an HTML5/JS template and bring to Sitefinity as a first class option
  • Use versioning to keep track of editing change dates, status and authors
  • Manage roles and permissions
  • Manage the content life-cycle, from content creation, approval (workflow), schedule publication and expiration to archiving
  • Theme and style your website and pages
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in Sitefinity
  • Load websites into Visual Studio
  • Use master pages (Web Forms) and Razor syntax for MVC
  • Deployment to Azure