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Sitefinity Training for Business Users and Content Editors

This class shows you the best way to enter data, use the task-oriented modules, and make changes to your content easily using the Word-like text editor. Don't get bogged down in technical details; deliver your news, blogs, events and much more using the out-of-the-box modules or create your own pages using drag-and-drop.
From $349.00

Sitefinity Training for Admins & Designers

This class starts with basics on how to create websites using built-in modules, design custom web pages and customize workspace. Manage your website by controlling permissions, workflow, notifications and life cycle, from publication scheduling to expiration and archiving.
From $999.00

Sitefinity .NET Core Training for Developers

Supercharge your frontend development with Sitefinity .NET Core. Learn about Tiered Architecture, API Driven Content Platform and feature reach Frontend Framework This Future proof training will allow you to develop widgets, modules, designers and templates with ease while combining the new way of multiplatform development and the Sitefinity platform that you know and love.
From $1,299.00

Sitefinity Training for Developers

Get full control over your website using the Sitefinity API and the powerful Sitefinity Fluent API. You'll learn in detail how to manipulate all the CMS manager objects in the system, form querying website formation to creating, updating and deleting content. You'll learn how to develop templates, custom widgets and custom modules. You'll also learn script debugging, AJAX and Javascript injection tips and tricks.
From $999.00

Sitefinity Insight Training

Progress's Sitefinity Insight is a unified marketing command center that enables businesses to drive growth by understanding and optimizing every customer's individual journey. This course is designed to develop the skills needed to deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences via the web and other digital channels using Sitefinity Insight. Make sure your team has the skills needed to set-up campaigns, track conversations, collect data, manage profiles and personas, score leads and optimize reporting using Sitefinity Insight Training.
From $599.00

Sitefinity SiteSync Training

SiteSync is a crucial part of Sitefinity for the enterprise and a must have tool to synchronize between your Development, Staging and Production servers, whether on premise or in the cloud. In this 4 hour class, you will be introduced to a practical scenario to synchronize between 2 servers in 2 different locations and exercise the power of SiteSync to make the process elegant, faster and repeatable.
From $349.00