New Microsoft Teams is finally working



First of all, congratulations to the Microsoft Teams Team 🙂 for releasing a new Microsoft Teams version of the product yesterday that is fast, simpler and most of all, allows multiple Organization accounts.


  • Very fast – almost double the speed. Twice as fast launch time
  • Smooth Scrolling with no placeholders in the UI
  • Almost twice as fast channel switching
  • Almost twice as fast meeting join
  • Much smaller size of the app, 50% memory reduction
  • The UX is better and simpler
  • Started the journey of using AI and tons of new innovations
  • Most important for me: Multiple Tenants enabled. That was painful for the last few years switching between tenants if you are part of multiple organizations.

Read more here on the announcement and all the new features and enhancements. I love it! What do you think?

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