Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals at VSLive Orlando November 2022

Join us for an introductory overview of Azure AI services at VSLive Orlando November 2022. The Azure AI Fundamentals workshop consists of lectures, activities, and hands-on labs to become familiar with all the requisite knowledge to take the AI-900 exam. This workshop is fun and interactive.

We’ll kick off the day with a gentle introduction to Artificial Intelligence, the principles for responsible AI, and look at some interesting applications of AI in the world.

Next, we’ll venture on Machine Learning and the different types of algorithms available that will help you gain insights into your data.

Finally, we’ll dive into the world of Azure AI services and learn about Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Conversational AI services.

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You will learn:

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Principles of Responsible AI
  • Hands-on experience working through labs
  • The requirements of the AI-900 certification exam

Attendee Requirements:

You must provide your own laptop computer (Windows or Mac) for this hands-on workshop with internet access and an Azure account (trial is ok).


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