Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics

In this online training class, you will learn about the unified platform of Azure Synapse Analytics and the features it provides in Ingesting, preparing, transforming, enriching, serving and visualizing data in multiple unified ways whether visually, using T-SQL or in Notebooks with code. Using Serverless SQL, Dedicated SQL Pools and Spark Pools will be discussed and demonstrated.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
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In this 2 day online training class you will learn the following:

  • Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics
  • The Azure Synapse Anlytics Studio
  • Data Ingestion at scale in Synapse
  • Data Preparation and Transformation in Synapse
  • Data Flow in Synapse
  • Data Storage in Synapse
  • Linked Services in Synapse
  • Serverless SQL in Synapse
  • Dedicated SQL Pools in Synapse
  • Spark Pools in Synapse
  • Security in Synapse
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